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I am a female that aspires to be a mogul some day...FeMogul that is. This blog is meant to inspire other FeMoguls as I chronicle my journey along the way.


Handle IT Like Olivia Pope

It’s no secret that I admire a lot of  the (fictitious) characteristics that make up Olivia Pope. One of her most prominent skills would be her decision-making–She gets paid a lot of money to walk into a chaotic situation and make calculated decisions based on an “End Game Strategy.” In a society driven by impulse and instantaneous gratification, it’s important to realize that life is made up of a series of…


Social Media Attention Deficit Disorder

My name is Taccara and I am currently trying to become successful business owner. If you are too, then you might appreciate my current dilemma and recent discovery about myself. I have S.M.A.D.D. or Social Media Attention Deficit Disorder and I need HELP! If you have done any research or have been..well…alive, you’d know that many companies consider social media an inexpensive (and often times free, if you’re savvy) way to…


5 Ways to Be More Like Olivia Pope

Every time I watch an episode of ABC’s Scandal, I start feeling the same way I felt when I would see my favorite singer in concert or my favorite actor/actress win an Oscar– like “I could do it too!” What makes Olivia Pope so intoxicating and infectious is that, love her or hate her, she has characteristics that we all admire and would like to incorporate into our own persona….


How to Waste Your Life Away in 10 Years

I was speaking to a friend today (we’ll call her Brandy) and she was a bit discouraged about where she is in life and the fact that she is no where close to where she imagined she’d be 10 years ago. Brandy is 30 years old working as an administrative assistant making $29k/year in Chicago. However, Brandy is a college graduate with a degree in Accounting, a CPA and she…